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Graphic Video of South African Man Dragged By Police Car.

28 Feb

JOHANNESBURG — They bound his hands to the rear of a van, and then sped off, dragging the slender taxi driver along the pavement as a crowd of onlookers shouted in dismay. The man was later found dead. A gut-wrenching video of the scene is all the more disturbing because the men who abused the Mozambican immigrant were uniformed South African police officers and the van was a marked police vehicle. The graphic scenes of the victim struggling for his life shocked a nation long accustomed to reports of police violence. “The visuals of the incident are horrific, disturbing and unacceptable. No human being should be treated in that manner,” said South African President Jacob Zuma. -The Huffington Post

Everyday I look at the news and see horrid violent acts against people in different parts of Africa, it’s way too much. I think too much focus being put on the Middle East. Innocent people are being turmoiled in places like Africa, but the media blankets the issue. I think our government should do more to help the people out there. Our government invested in frivolous things such as $200,000 on “a tattoo removal program” in Mission Hills, California. ( So I guess that’s more important than saving lives in other countries and preventing genocide.