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Drug Test for Food Stamps?

27 Feb


There’s a new idea in legislation where welfare recipients should have to pass a drug test to continue to recieve benefits.  The New York Times posted an article about growing support for this idea.

Nearly two dozen states are considering measures that would make drug testing mandatory for welfare recipients, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Wyoming lawmakers advanced such a proposal last week.


The issue has come up in the Republican presidential campaign, with Mitt Romney calling it an “excellent idea.”  One of his rivals, Newt Gingrich, addressed the topic with Yahoo News in November, saying he considered testing a way to curb drug use and lower costs to public programs.  “It could be through testing before you get any kind of federal aid — unemployment compensation, food stamps, you name it,” Mr. Gingrich said.

“The idea from Joe Taxpayer is, ‘I don’t mind helping you out, but you need to show that you’re looking for work, or better yet that you’re employed, and that you’re drug and alcohol free,’ ” said Edward A. Buchanan, a Republican who is the speaker of the Wyoming House.

Many legislators in the Democratic party have supported the idea, one was quoted saying “These people need drug treatment not free government handouts”

One of the benefits is TANF, TANF is a federally-funded program for children deprived of support because of a parent’s death, incapacity, absence or unemployment. Cash assistance is available to the family on a time-limited basis (up to five years). If the parents are using the cash for drugs, or leisure purchases, and not for job hunting or educational purposes. The money is being misused.  

I think it’s a decent idea, welfare benefits, should be for people who are trying to better themselves, looking for work or anyway to progress for their family, and 5 years is ample time to find employment, or attain some kind of education or trade. using drugs can be detrimental to their process, and keep them on the welfare program longer.  ♥


Another School Shooting..

27 Feb


According to  CNN, Four students were wounded when a gunman opened fire in the cafeteria of a suburban Cleveland high school just as the school day was beginning Monday, law enforcement officials said.

The suspected Chardon High School shooter – believed to be a student, according to a school official – was in custody, FBI Special Agent Scott Wilson told reporters.  Wilson declined to say how badly the injured students had been hurt.


School administrators locked down schools in the city of Chardon, Ohio, about 30 miles east of Cleveland. and assured parents that all remaining students were safe.

Still, parents eager to retrieve their children hurried to school buildings, forming long lines as school officials checked identifications before releasing students. At one point, black-clad SWAT team

members walked by parents waiting outside the middle school, enhancing what was a surreal scene for many.

I really hope this is not another consequence of bullying. This madness has to end. Students are retaliating  with guns now and nothing is worth losing your life.♥

Love: It Doesn’t Matter if Your Black or White.

16 Feb

USA Today posted an article about the higher records of interracial marriages of recent years. In a society were once killed for attempting to court white women, now 1 out of 12 marriages are interracial.

Interracial marriage in the USA reached an all-time high in 2010: 8.4% of all marriages, compared with 3.2% in 1980, finds a Pew Research Center study, released today, that analyzes unions between spouses of different races or ethnic groups.  In all, more than 15 percent of new marriages in 2010 were interracial.

“Interracial marriage has gone from taboo to a rarity, and with each passing year, it’s less of a rarity,” says Pew’s Paul Taylor. Pew reviewed Census data from more than 850,000 people in the American Community Survey between 2008 and 2010.

I am a firm believer that there is not color of love. So white, black, pacific islander, asian, whatever the case may be, love the one who makes you happy! ♥

Convicted Criminals Back on the Prowl..

16 Feb

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, pardoned four men convicted of murder, in last last couple days in office. It is Mississippi traditon to pardon prisoners at the governors discretion after his term is over.

Law enforcement photos show Anthony McCray (L-R), David Glenn Gatlin, Joseph Ozment and Charles Hooker, some of the prisoners pardoned by former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.     REUTERS/Mississippi Department of Corrections/Handout

The four men left to right are, Anthony McCray, David Glen Gatlin, David Ozment, and Charles Hooker.  The men are convicted of murder, rape, and drug crimes. All have plead guilty to their crimes.  The victims of the crimes of these men were not allowed to speak or protest against the release of the prisoners. Many citizens, and politicians in Mississippi are outraged by these pardons.

Governor Barbour, who has a history of heavy drinking, stated that his reason of releasing these men were because they worked jobs in the governor’s mansion, and they are to be trusted and paid they debt to society.

Well the problem now is that the pardoned prisoners were supposed to check in every 24 hours as apart of the pardon deal, but all have failed to do so. Supreme court judges have ordered the arrest of these four men.  But, none of them are to be found.  On Thursday, Attorney General Jim Hood told CNN that the men “hit the road running” after being freed and that a nation-wide manhunt may be necessary to bring them in. “We’ll catch ’em,” Hood said. “It’s just a matter of time.”

My issue is if someone committed a murder, rape, or any other heinous crime, just because they cleaned a house for a couple of years does NOT mean that they will not revert to their old ways if released.  So now that this drunk of a Governor released this criminals and their free on the streets to rape and kill again, and torture the already tormented victims. He did a great job, and he has nothing to say for his actions. Quite a disappointment in politics of Mississippi.

Here’s the genuis Gov. Haley Barbour..

Worst Dressed of the Grammy’s!

15 Feb

I know I’m late, but never late than never!!!

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Fergie, and her nonsense, hot bod! but the lace Cheetos outfit..

Jessie J & Her star wars get up

Tomb Raider??

TRASH TRASH TRASH.. Nicki Minaj is crying for attention.. And who wears the labels on their clothing anymore? Hood much?

I have nothing to give Busta Rhymes..

Wiz K.  looks like an old 80’s pimp..

Best Dressed of the Grammy’s…

15 Feb

I know I’m late, but, better late than never


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Swiss & Alicia look amazing!!! I Just love his purple silk blazer!! And she looks hot! Best couple!

Very chic, Kelly

Rihanna’s body is hot!!!!

Carrie is so beautiful, I love her!!

I just love taylor, her hair, her look, everything!

Death of the Legendary Whitney Houston

11 Feb




Wow… Much of the world already knows that the legendary singer Whitney Houston has died.

Houston’s publicist, Kristen Foster, said Saturday that the singer had died, but the cause and the location of her death were unknown.

At her peak, Houston the golden girl of the music industry. From the middle 1980s to the late 1990s, she was one of the world’s best-selling artists. Houston received over 415 awards in her career span.

News of Houston’s death came on the eve of music’s biggest night — the Grammy Awards.


The cause of her death is unknown at the time, but we lost a major, major person of impact of the music industry. EVERYONE knew who Whitney Houston was with one of the most popular songs of our time “I Will Always Love You.”  It was a tragic fall for a superstar who was one of the top-selling artists in pop music history, with more than 55 million records sold in the United States alone, and 180 million worldwide.

I remember my mother allowing me to listen to her music because it was “clean, good music” as she would say, so i, as well as many others feel personally impacted by this loss.

She was 48.

RIP WHITNEY!!!  😦  ♥♥